Taylor Jane Wickel Maxi #modeststyle Taylor Jane Wickel Maxi, #taylor #wickel

Taylor Jane Wickel Maxi #modeststyle Taylor Jane Wickel Maxi, #taylor #wickel

Here you will find over 30 healthy, quickly prepared summer recipes based on the clean eating concept and without refined sugar!

Particularly popular in summer: our quick strawberry shortbread dessert in a glass. Easy to make and heavenly delicious. For the road, simply pour the dessert into a mason jar and close it with the lid. #desserts # strawberries #biscuit base

What are we dreaming of this summer? From oreo biscuits. And from Nutella – in a trio with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Hardly any more chocolate love!

Make watermelon lemonade yourself. Delicious recipe ideas for summer. Creative recipe ideas with watermelon: watermelon feta salad, watermelon smoothie, watermelon ice cream and lemonade without sugar with strawberries and mint. Perfect ideas for summer recipes. # watermelon #recipes

#Iced tea is the best refreshment in #summer! In this #Recipe we tell you how it doesn't get too bitter!

15 fantastic ways to change t-shirts and tank tops to get ready for summer #change # ready # fantastic # make

Refreshing strawberry iced tea without sugar! The drink for summer!


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